The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever…

While I was confronted with my arch enemy, the dreaded wall. I searched the Internet for some inspiration. Where I stumbled across this article…

I fell in love with all these photographs. Some are adorable, while others are mind blowing and hilarious.

Not only did they help me climb that wall, they also put a smile on my face.

Sam Sussex


Christmas Crackers

Its one week to Christmas and so far Nicky is definitely sporting the best selection of Christmas jumpers…! We had a great week last week with the Christmas party on Wednesday, we had everything from Family Fortunes to James’ Onsie IMG_0259, and the Patron… which we certainly all paid for on Thursday!

Since I have been looking back at 2012 I thought I had better include the top 10 tv ads, so here they are, as voted by Campaign Live… the big question is, do we agree?

Zeitgeist 2012 – A year in review

To sum everything up… Google have analysed 2012, over one trillion searches typed into google this year. So this is what they’ve come up with:


I’ve been thinking about what to expect in 2013 , and there’s certainly a lot to live up to after the year we’ve had… from the success of the Olympic Games to the phenomenon  of Gangdem style, what could possibly be next?

And then i came across this…

Dogs on the road, really?